Prosecution against Moshe Hogg and his associates: “Infected with bad faith”


“Mr. Celebrates is at the forefront of the conspiracy described in this lawsuit … he is the living spirit behind the fraudulent activities committed by the defendants.” Regarding Landau, it is written: “In his actions and omissions he caused the plaintiff to believe the false representations he gave with Mr. Hogg, among other things regarding his financial strength and obligations that the defendants promised to the plaintiff.” It is written about Elhanani: “He stood at the financial front in the conduct of the defendants, acted and cooperated with Defendants 1 and 2 in their actions and omissions against the plaintiff.”

It is further stated that “Defendants 1-3 or any of them also used others to carry out the conspiracy, including foreign corporations … What is personal responsibility and part of the causes of action? ”

According to the indictment, a Sirin campaign starring Lionel Messi was presented to FIH. “In retrospect, it turned out that ‘inaccuracies’ have been alleged in the past in the way Mr. Celebrates uses famous names and mentions of other international figures, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, Serena Williams and others, as involved in various investments. But at this stage no such suspicions arose.” .

The advanced talks between the parties took place in 2017, and FIH Landau claimed to have informed the company representative that Sirin had raised $ 157 million. “In the defendants’ publications, it is alleged that Mr. Hogg raised approximately $ 157 million, according to their claim, which will be invested in the development of the device, according to the statements and presentations of Mr. Hogg as he also made sure to publish them widely.”

The statement of claim was accompanied by e-mail correspondence between the parties.


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