Professor Roni Gamzo: “We are very close to reducing morbidity”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Corona Professor Prof. Roni Gamzo tonight (Sunday) issued a statement to the media from the Corona Regiment at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. Earlier, the three and other senior officials in the Ministry of Health held a joint discussion ahead of tomorrow’s cabinet meeting. The corona.

The Prime Minister opened and said: “We have finished a working meeting. We are preparing to present Professor Gamzo’s recommendations tomorrow, to act on several axes, interrupting the chain of contagion models and statistics, there is a right direction here.” Netanyahu added: “Today was an important day. We opened the day with a government decision to open its education system – a complex move with a huge budget investment. I approved this move, it is important to get the school year off, it is a very important thing for the economy.”

Referring to the vaccine for the virus, the prime minister said: “We are building options on vaccines, I can not guarantee that a vaccine will be found – but the signs at the moment look encouraging. If there are vaccines I want Israel to have access, first to medical staff, at-risk populations and then to the rest of the population.”

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The Minister of Health said that despite the halt in the rise in the incidence of the virus, the numbers are still worrying: “In recent days it has been clear that we have managed to stop the rise of the virus. It is good but it is not enough. The numbers are high and alarming, both new and severely ill. “It depends on the cooperation of all of us. If we work together, we will reduce the numbers and interrupt the spread of the disease by cutting off the chains of infection.”

The Corona projector said: “We are very close to declining morbidity, we are in an almost stable line. The decline is critical in all sectors.” During the brief remarks, Gamzo addressed the ultra-Orthodox public: “In the intervening period, the students returned home. I beg them to maintain the prevention of infection. “Any rule, do not underestimate. We want to reach the prayers of the terrible days in a situation where the whole country will be green.”

Gamzo asked the citizens to continue to wear masks: “To the whole country I want to deliver – to continue to wear masks. It proves itself, and also social distance, interrogations and isolations. I know it is annoying.” On the restrictions, he said: “One last word on the restrictions – let’s be careful. We will align with things that seem unlikely. We want enforcement and clear rules. It will be easy to lower the restrictions when the morbidity graph has dropped.”


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