Professional associations: ‘Stock up regional stock of protective equipment for home care’


Regional stocks of protective equipment must be established for care providers who work extramurally. 6 professional associations and sector organizations argue for this.

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In a letter to the Lower House, the parties emphasize that district nurses, home care organizations and GP practices must be able to order additional protective equipment at any time if their own supplies run out. Regional supplies that can be used in the event of an outbreak are better protected, they write.

Priority testing

The professional associations, including V&VN, and sector associations ActiZ and Zorgthuisnl (both for early childhood education) also ask in the letter to (again) give priority to healthcare providers on testing for the corona virus.

‘Broader testing policy’

In addition, they believe that the testing policy should be broader. Passing on negative tests in particular is not yet the standard everywhere and it should be, they think. ‘It is important that GPs, community nurses and home care workers know whether or not their patients are infected, because these patients can report to them with care questions. We advocate that in areas where covid-19 flares up again, the GP should receive all test results (positive and negative) via the regular route. ‘

‘Intensify public campaign’

Finally, the parties are asking for a more intensive public campaign about what measures people should take themselves against the spread of the corona virus. They point to an initiative of 7 Rotterdam GPs who wrote their own letters to their patients about the importance of staying at home in case of complaints, avoiding crowds, keeping their distance and washing hands. ‘A great initiative and hopefully one that can count on being followed up by nurses, general practitioners, home care workers, pastors, imams and others who can count on a lot of trust among citizens.’

Wednesday corona debate

In addition to the V&VN, ActiZ and Zorgthuisnl, the letter has also been signed by the LHV (National General Practitioners Association), NHG (Dutch General Practitioners Association) and InEen (association of organizations for primary care). Next Wednesday, August 12, the House of Representatives will hold a debate about the developments surrounding covid-19, which is why this letter has now been sent.


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