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פרופ 'גמזו בסיור בבתי כנסת

Prof. Gamzo on a tour of synagoguesPhoto: Nathan Weil

The government corona projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, expressed concern about what is happening in the ultra-Orthodox sector and called on public leaders and local authorities to show responsibility that will prevent the outbreak of the virus in Israel.

“The intervening period jeopardizes the stability that has been achieved,” Gamzo said. “The beginning of the wedding season and the return home of yeshiva students could lead to the spread of the virus.”

“It is important to maintain attendance,” the project manager stressed. “This is the responsibility of the yeshiva students, their leaders and the local authorities.”

According to Gamzo, the coefficient of infection in the State of Israel can decrease. Therefore, a joint effort is required of all citizens of the state. ” The R in all of the State of Israel is equal to and close to 1, the effort must be common to all sectors: secular, ultra-Orthodox and Arab. .

“Reckless decisions of easing along with incomplete discipline and complacency in preparation for the opening of the school year and the Tishrei holidays may take us back, so this is a test time,” the Corona commissioner explained.

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein visited the control center at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

“In recent days it has become clear that we have been able to stop the rise of the virus,” Edelstein said.

Netanyahu said: “We are examining vaccine options. The signs at the moment seem encouraging but it is still too early to say. If there are vaccines, I want the State of Israel to have access to these vaccines, to medical staff, to risk groups and then to the entire population.”

Regarding the dispute with the “blue and white” over the state budget, the prime minister said “in order to overcome the economic crisis, money must now be injected, in the immediate term, into a three-month budget.” We do not know what the longer-term economic picture will look like.

” We need to move a budget quickly and inject money into the economy, and later there will be a budget for the year to come. “There is no reason why this should not be done, the transfer of the budget should not be conditioned on political considerations,” Netanyahu stressed.

Corona Superintendent Prof. Roni Gamzo said “We are in an almost stable line. We will not be reckless in allowing restrictions, we will straighten a line where things are unlikely, but we will not be reckless.”


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