Prof. Gamzo: “This is a last chance to reduce the number of patients daily”


The corona projector, Professor Roni Gamzo, is currently holding a press briefing, during which he will present the main points of the “Magen Israel” program he presented last night in the Corona cabinet.

In his opening remarks, Gamzo said that “1,700 patients a day are putting a strain on the health care system. It is meeting this, but the trend of reducing the level of morbidity must be continued. The government’s goal is to reduce the morbidity to hundreds by September 1.”

“Israel has achieved the smallest of morbidity, stopping, perhaps reducing,” the professor said. “We are tickling the coefficient of infection below 1. It is not certain. At this point in time we must give another push forward. The cabinet has asked me to take steps, because if we are going to close – now is the time – before school starts.”

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Gamzo added, “It may be necessary to take an act of closure. The price is clear to the cabinet ministers and there are risks we face. There was a time when there were no celebrations and currently celebrations and weddings are held with a violation of the rules. It can not continue. It is an act of roulette. Risk 1 “, he warned.

As for the red city model, Gamzo said that “both the red and orange cities are not many, 50% of the morbidity,” and called for “getting inside.” He added that the Israeli government has decided not to close, but everyone understands, including the ministers, that the public on the edge and its trust has been harmed. So I said let’s give them a chance, that they would manage themselves, but my request from them is not to play and reduce the amount of tests, because whoever is not tested, is contagious. A lot of power is given to the Home Front Command. ”

Gamzo further stated that the cabinet stood behind him and accepted all his recommendations. “There are nuances, but by and large everyone says this is not the time to close. Israel can come down another way. Do not close from above – close from below,” he said.

Later, the professor answered questions from journalists. Asked how to reduce the number of subjects in the next two weeks, Gamzo said: “I give credit to the State of Israel. Discourse with the public, discipline, masks, paying attention to the rules and not running away to a wedding or party. It destroys us. More enforcement, increasing the number of tests.”

He was then asked whether he would achieve with certainty a drop to 400 infected by September. Gamzo replied that he could not guarantee that it would indeed happen, adding: “The complexity is great, but we have the ability to succeed and I am in favor of trying all these things before closing.”

Asked by Maariv about breaking the rules at the ultra-Orthodox wedding, Gamzo said that “what we saw yesterday at the wedding is the potential for mass infection. It drives me crazy and angry. We need to be much tougher. We must close enclosures before the event. I address the ultra-Orthodox public and its leader Infection and serious patients. ”

The discussion in the Corona Cabinet

According to the plan, as presented last night, the use of closures has not been dropped (national or local), but for now it has been decided to postpone its use in light of the recommendation of Prof. Gamzo and the experts and with the support of the Prime Minister, and to re-examine its need in two weeks.

A policy regarding “red and orange cities” was also approved until August 12, 2020 – “cities with intensive intervention.” The new policy for the “red” and “orange” cities will include an extensive massive support system and assistance to the population, while supporting the local authority management, improving the cutting of the transmission chains in these cities with Home Front Command operational tools, as soon as possible, ensuring family cell isolation. Family and providing spot assistance to families, enforcing and enforcing current restrictions on gatherings and gatherings, managing a flexible evacuation system while providing local quotas above the strict criterion, managing FKR and HMOs, and restrictions on the education system – in coordination with the education system.

The plan will also include increasing the assistance of the health funds and the management of morbidity by the Ministry of Health, abolishing the restriction on opening businesses on weekends, abolishing the restriction on stays in playgrounds in public areas. The national restrictions that were valid until now will continue (expected to expire on Monday, but will be renewed in the coming days).

As of 1.9, the “traffic light” program for the management of the epidemic will come into operation in the model of local authorities according to the outline of the morbidity situation in each city.

At the end of the discussion, Gamzo said that “the recommendations I presented today to the Corona Cabinet are based on thorough staff work done with many partners: government ministries, local government, Home Front Command and defense establishment, Israel Police and with professional guidance from the Ministry of Health and professional experts forum.” According to him, “I unanimously accepted my recommendation to avoid a general closure / weekend / night and even a closure on red cities – and instead a quick and immediate intervention in cities with high morbidity (red / orange). “Intensive Intervention Cities” model.

“The basic premise is that a closure of any kind will cause great damage to the economy and society,” the professor said, adding: “The prime minister and cabinet members are well aware of the social and economic difficulty that many citizens face. The decision to try to reduce morbidity without closure is part of my promise to you in the new contract. Fulfilling your promise, especially in the next two weeks, of every citizen – discipline: mask, physical distance, observance of restrictions; Will bring us to reduce morbidity without the need for closure.


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