Prof. Gamzo on the desecration of God in Belza: “It drives me crazy and angers me”


Professor Roni Gamzo presented today (Thursday) the main points of the plan to stop the spread of the virus, which was approved last night in the Corona Cabinet.

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In his opening remarks, Prof. Gamzo said: “Morbidity in Israel is the highest in the world. At this point in time the morbidity must be reduced. Not just because of the health side but economically. Israel is faltering. We stand still. It is clear that everyone understands the meaning of closure – harm to society and the economy. “After consulting with all the experts in Israel, the direction is that they are currently waiting with drastic measures of restrictions. My message to the Cabinet was received with full mouth.”

He said, “Everyone has understood that we want to reduce the coefficient of infection even further and maintain it over time. It requires a lot of concentration from all of us. Instead of closure and restrictions from above, I want more partnership and order from below. ”

At the same time, the corona projector noted that if the number of patients did not decrease the possibility of closure also lay on the table.

He referred to the gathering at the events, against the background of the mass wedding of the followers of Belza last night – and attacked the loosening of discipline: At the moment we are seeing joys with the violation of the rules and it can not continue. Whoever does this behaves in some act of almost roulette. What we saw yesterday at the wedding is the potential for mass infection. It drives me crazy, and makes me angry. We need to be much tougher. Close enclosures before the event. I appeal to the ultra-Orthodox public and its leader: such an event is certainly contagious and seriously ill. ”

He stressed: “A family cell that has one verified in it should remain in the capsule. The nuclear family, even if it is large, cannot leave. ”

Despite the decision to lift the closure on weekends, significant restrictions will be imposed on the ‘red’ cities where the number of corona patients is particularly high. In about two weeks, the possibility of closure will be re-examined, in red cities the current restrictions will be more strictly enforced and the restrictions of educational institutions may be imposed.

Professor Gamzo commented on the expected conduct in the red cities: “These cities are not many, there are 20 cities. Need to go inside, make sure the public cooperates. The public and the heads of the authorities should know that we have cooperated with them in the contract. All over the world, such cities are closing – but everyone understands that the public is on the edge. My request – not to play and reduce testing and cooperation. ”

He stressed that the education system may not open in red cities on September 1st.

On the condition of hospitals in Israel, he said: “I think the hospital system is once again proving its power. I know what’s going on in the hospitals – they’re still in good standing. Looking ahead to winter – it is very important that we reduce the number of patients before we reach mid-October. ”


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