Prof. Gamzo criticized the Ministry of Health for its conduct and apologized to its employees


Corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo, who defines his position as director of Magen Israel, distributed an e-mail on Saturday apologizing to Ministry of Health employees. The reason: In a media briefing last week and in several interviews he gave over the weekend, he indicated that the Ministry of Health had failed treatment. In the corona plague, among other things regarding epidemiological investigations, employees of the Ministry of Health protested.

Another similar matter

In a report this morning (Sunday) in “Calcalist” by Adrian Pilot, Prof. Gamzo’s email was brought to the employees of the Ministry of Health, in which he wrote, among other things: “Molly has only one goal – reducing coronary heart disease and the main means is professional and fast, Public trust Any consideration other than reducing morbidity is marginal.

“Sometimes the actions, the quick decisions and the media interpretation, can interfere with the action. Please refrain from dealing with unnecessary media statements and sensitivities. I apologize in advance for any feeling of harm.”

Prof. Gamzo added: “At this time, our eyes should all be on one and the same goal – eradicating the epidemic and restoring a healthy and normal lifestyle for the country’s citizens, work and livelihoods for the unemployed. I love the ministry and you and greatly appreciate the ministry’s management. And to meet the great challenge before us. ”

Earlier, a senior Health Ministry official, whose name was not mentioned in the report, protested: “How he (Gamzo) is not ashamed. Everything we did in six months, he threw in the trash. We are in favor of transferring the execution to the army, but he can not cancel all knowledge and say “In front of the prime minister, ’employees of the Ministry of Health have failed.’

The senior official said in the report that “in recent days, countless phone calls have been received from various officials in the ministry demanding that Gamzo apologize and, above all, that he stop the attack on the ministry’s staff.” Gamzo’s remarks hurt, he said, the workers and especially the epidemiological nurses, counties and sub-districts, who “obviously need him still. We are still in the event. There are already too many people with a full stomach for him.”


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