Prof. Gamzo: “A student who arrives in Israel and disregards instructions – will be deported”


The corona projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, referred this morning (Sunday) in an interview to the GLC to the government’s decision to leave the partial closure intact last weekend, as well as to the plan to fly thousands of students to Israel during the holidays and the fear of infection.

“Any change of restrictions can not happen within 24 hours. It requires a government decision and then a Knesset. All changes will come this week for examination and decision. Our desire is to do things quickly, but by no means and not recklessly. I will encounter political interests but the professional line will guide. I will not give. “To endanger public health because of all sorts of interests. The issue of students was decided before I entered, I study it, and believe me, if a decision is made to put them in capsules, there will be inspectors who will make sure they do not disregard the guidelines.

Gamzo also responded to criticism leveled at him by Science Minister Yizhar Shai that he was responsible for not lifting the closure over the weekend and preventing the government from convening for the decision: “I decided not to convene the government? Wow, I really feel powerful. I really do not Accepting the words of Minister Shai. Since Friday, several proposals have flowed to me from all sorts of places, it wants to open here and it wants to open there. I want to lower the morbidity. We will do round tables this week to fix everything. Believe me, it will be arranged. “We need another push from the public, and certainly not to go back. All that is required of us is public discipline.”

Gamzo also responded to criticism of his personal conduct: “I am willing for people to say ‘I’ and lead the system. Not many people have come and volunteered to lead. I said ‘I’ to make it clear that I take responsibility, it should be appreciated and not counted how many times I said.”


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