Prof. Adler: “The situation is not improving


For weeks now there have been about 2,000 positive for Corona in tests every day. So the numbers may stabilize, but according to Prof. Yehuda Adler, chairman of the Cardiovascular Diseases Association and Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Professions Ramat Gan Academic Center for Law and Business, the situation is not improving.

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According to him, at best we are in the plateau and not in the improvement and this is not the place to ease the guidelines, but on the contrary. Work guidelines need to be constructed in a logical way. “There is no logic in the provisions, and as a result there is a total distrust of the people in the leaders. It should be managed wisely according to each sector according to the things that suit it,” he explains.

“Like, for example, the number of diners in restaurants. It is impossible to make an arbitrary decision about the number of diners without considering the size of the place. These are the things that created the lack of trust. It needs to be improved.”


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