Pro League prohibits players from touching each other at four …


Tonight after the whistle blows, the players of OHL or Beerschot will not fall into each other’s arms in a win. After all, the Pro League has prohibited the players of both teams from touching each other while celebrating. The measure comes after a critical tweet from virologist Marc Van Ranst. He was very annoyed by the ‘physical’ way in which the Antwerp players celebrated the cup win.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst was anything but satisfied with the players of Antwerp after the cup final. After all, at the goal and after the whistle, the players did not take the corona measures very closely and cuddled. “A bubble from your household and five friends, they say. A barbecue in the garden is possible with a maximum of ten people, they say. Some professions have different rules, and that is wrong, I say ”, it said on twitter.

After Van Ranst’s criticism, the Pro League, in consultation with Van Ranst, explicitly asked OHL and Beerschot not to celebrate too physically during and after the promotion final. “Some moments on and around the cup final were not in accordance with the Covid-19 protocols,” said Stijn Van Bever, spokesman for the Pro League, at Belga. “The Pro League met with virologist Marc Van Ranst and the independent doctors appointed by the Pro League on Sunday morning to advise on our procedures.”

OHL and Beerschot were briefed extensively on Sunday morning about the provisions of the protocol. On Monday and during the week, the other clubs will also receive a briefing about the corona provisions in the run-up to the start of the competition. ”

The fact that a player tested positive for the corona virus at Beerschot yesterday, makes things even more challenging. The players are therefore urged to celebrate modestly and, above all, to keep their distance.

The virologist is therefore convinced that we will not be scenes like in the cup final again.


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