Prison scandal: A prison guard helped a prisoner smuggle in cyanide


First publication – great embarrassment for the IPS: An inmate at Hasharon Prison, who is serving a 26-year sentence for murder and attempted murder, managed, with the help of one of the guards, to smuggle cyanide poison into the prison walls. The prisoner then turned to the prison intelligence and informed them that he would be willing to reveal where he hid the deadly poison and who assisted him in the smuggling – whether he would receive state witness status or be assured that his sentence would be shortened.

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In response to the prisoner’s offer, the prison officials promised him that he would receive what he wanted, even though they did not have the authority to do so. The prisoner revealed the hiding place, but then prison officials informed him that due to the fact that the prosecution was not in the picture, it would not be possible to keep the promise given to him.

According to one of the sources involved in the details of the affair, the amount of cyanide that the prisoner managed to smuggle into the prison is enough to cause the deaths of several dozen people. An investigation has been opened in the Blade 433 unit and the police are not ready to comment on the details. The State Attorney’s Office also began an investigation into the conduct.

The acting Commissioner of Prisons, Asher Vaknin, addressed the affair this evening (Monday) and said: Beyond that at this stage. The IPS will continue to operate resolutely within the prisons wherever necessary. ”


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