Prince Harry is concerned about social media use | NOW


Prince Harry features in an op-ed for the American business magazine Fast Company companies to take a closer look at their use of social media. The British royal is concerned about the hatred that is being spread through the various platforms.

In the article, Harry writes that social media divides us as people and we don’t think enough about the consequences it has on youth. “But together we can redefine it.”

The prince and his wife Meghan Markle have spoken extensively with corporate leaders in recent weeks, asking them to take a closer look at their social media use.

“Companies like yours have a chance to rethink supporting online platforms that help spread hatred and create a health and truth crisis,” said Harry, not naming companies that he believes will be not doing well on social media.

Harry does not call for a boycott or forbidding social media, because he also sees that many people enjoy using social media. But he would like to see something substantial change on social media. “They should be about compassion and not hate, about truth and not misinformation, and about equality and inclusiveness instead of injustice and creating fear.”


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