Prime Minister: “The application of sovereignty has not been dropped – everything depends on the White House”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today (Monday) in the closed part of the Likud faction meeting that the possibility of applying sovereignty is still relevant. The prime minister stressed that the beginning did not go down well, and that it depended significantly on the White House: “The issue is in Washington. It did not go down well. That possibility still exists. ”

The Prime Minister also referred to the demonstrations against him: “The demonstrations – this is funded and organized by the left – wing organizations, produce noise with insane and unprecedented media backing. “Opposition leaders, led by Lapid, give it full legitimacy instead of warning against incitement.”

On security tensions, the prime minister said: “We are not resting for a moment on the issue of security. “The IDF thwarted an attempted sabotage on the Syrian front, we acted yesterday against the Gaza Strip in the face of unruly firing and of course the issue with Lebanon is still in the air. We will harm anyone who tries to harm us and anyone who harms us – this principle applies.”


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