Prime Minister Rutte critical of singing Feyenoord fans: no audience in the stadium may be allowed


In the press conference on the rise in corona infections, Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave a clear warning to football supporters in the Netherlands and fans of Feyenoord in particular. If there is singing in the stadium and people do not keep their distance, there is a chance that mayors will ban matches with an audience.

Rutte responded specifically on Thursday to the images of singing supporters at the first public training session of Feyenoord. “Unfortunately, we have seen passionately singing Feyenoord supporters. Completely against the rules of the corona. As a cabinet, we can imagine that, with the rising contamination figures in Rotterdam, the mayor will decide to drastically limit the presence of supporters, or to completely ban it.”

Whether Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam will actually ban the presence of supporters for the home game against Sparta next Sunday, or drastically limit the capacity, is not yet clear. He informs Rijnmond to consult with Feyenoord about the amount of supporters in the stands at the matches.

Should the number of corona infections increase even further, banning supporters could also become a national measure.


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