Prices in supermarket still higher than for corona


Even though the ban on supermarket discounts has long been removed, prices are still higher than before corona broke out. This is evident from research by Test Achats, as Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen write on Wednesday. Branded products today are even up to 10 percent more expensive than at the beginning of March.

In March, discounts were banned by the government to prevent hoarding. We still sweat the sudden price increase that this entailed. At Colruyt – still the cheapest – the price of the 267 inspected products is on average 5 percent higher than before the lockdown. If you only buy premium brands, you even pay 10 percent more. “An unpleasant evolution at a time when the purchasing power of many people has been affected by corona,” says Simon November of Test Achats.

According to retail professor Gino Van Ossel (Vlerick), we can partly blame this on ourselves. “Since the lockdown, we have seen that consumers are less concerned about promotions. Customers do not want to travel too far because of the virus – the local shops are doing well – and fill their shopping cart quickly. Convenience prevails, and then we pay less attention to the price. In the Netherlands and Germany this would not just happen. ”


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