President Trump: The era of surrender to Iranian aggression is over – world news


US President Donald Trump is responding to the Iranian attack on US bases in Iraq.

“No American has been harmed in an attack by the Iranian regime. All our troops are safe. Only a small amount of damage has been done to our base. Our forces are ready for anything,” Trump said.

He noted that the special forces of the United States military are prepared and prepared for any scenario, should they have to act militarily against the Iranians.

Trump also referred to the assassination of Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani by the United States military. “Suleimani was responsible for some of the most serious crimes imaginable. He trained terrorist operatives and brutally murdered American soldiers. Suleimani ordered the firing of missiles at American forces and the murder of one American civilian. In recent days he has planned to act against us again.”

“Iran is the main financier of terrorism, pursuing nuclear weapons and threatening the world. It cannot happen, these days are over. We are sending a screen to terrorists: if you value your life you will not threaten the lives of Americans,” the president added.

He said the United States had additional economic measures that could be taken against Iran. The United States will impose sanctions on the Iranian government, which will remain in place until Iran changes its behavior. “Instead of thanking the United States for the nuclear deal, they shouted ‘Death to America’ on the day the agreement was signed.”

“As long as I hold office, I will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is a threat to humanity,” he said.

Trump has called on countries around the world to stop closing their eyes to Iranian conduct. “The time has come for Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China to accept reality. We must work together to reach an agreement with Iran that will make the world safer and more peaceful. An agreement that will allow Iran to flourish and exploit its potential can be a great country.”


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