Premier League: Corona’s guidelines for the 2020/21 season


Shortly after Maccabi Tel Aviv announced that Itai Schechter was exposed to a verified corona patient at his home and as a result went into solitary confinement for ten days, following which he will miss the two “Champions” games, the league director sharpened this morning (Thursday) the procedures and guidelines for the upcoming season in the shadow of the corona. On Saturday.

Bottom line, there is no change in guidelines compared to the end of last season: “In light of the morbidity situation, the Ministry of Health has assumed that all players must maintain the isolation guidelines that were customary from the teams’ return to activity during the season.” “As part of this, extreme care must be taken that only the team members will be in the training complex, performing medical examinations as required, appointing a Corona supervisor, disinfecting, using showers with 50% occupancy, etc., as specified in our letter dated 07.05.2020.”

However, the administration clarified: “We understand the difficulties involved and these days we are in the process of formulating an outline with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which will allow the activity to be further facilitated by isolating players, while maintaining their health, when we make efforts Because the outline will be implemented until the opening of the league games in about three weeks. ”

Itay shechter | Maccabi Tel Aviv, the official website

Similar to exposure to a verified patient, as only this morning it happened to happen to Itai Schechter, India in the administration: “We are in advanced talks to formulate a special outline, which will allow continued professional group activity, Staff members in such a way that league competitions can be held as continuously as possible. This issue is sensitive and complicated and includes several options for action and in any case subject to the approval of the Ministries of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, but we find a sympathetic ear and I hope that there will be news on this issue before the opening of professional league games.

The games will of course be held without an audience until further notice and in order for the teams to meet the guidelines as much as possible, the principal approved that a “Corona incentive” of NIS 400,000 will be transferred to the teams that will meet the Corona guidelines and procedures. The incentive will be valid as long as there is no change in the guidelines and will be awarded every quarter for full compliance with the entirety of the Corona guidelines. To the extent necessary, the incentive funds will be used to implement corona tests and an outline of activities will be approved which will include the performance of the tests.

Hili Trooper, Erez Kalfon
Hili Trooper, Erez Kalfon | Flash 90


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