Pregnant Lesley-Ann Poppe doesn’t leave corona wave to her heart …


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Photo: Walter Saenen

Lesley-Ann Poppe (41) and her husband Kevin (32) welcome a third child at the end of November, a sister to Benjamin (12) and Gabriel (3). During her previous pregnancy, there were quite a few pounds for La Poppe, but this time is not too bad, she says in Story.

“Five months away, and I have only gained three kilos for the time being,” said Poppe. “While the previous two times in this phase, I was already ten extra pounds. Not surprising: when I regularly put cheese and other greasy things in my mouth, now I am especially looking forward to tomatoes. It probably has to do with my hormones, but it is a blessing for my line. If I keep this pace, according to my gynecologist, I will stay under ten kilos extra against childbirth. ”

“In my previous pregnancy, I had thickened no less than 35 kilos,” says Poppe. “It took me three years to regain weight. If I can limit that by eating tomatoes, I am very satisfied. (laughs) Especially because losing weight was so difficult, and that does not improve with the years. Not to mention all the hurtful comments I got about me last time. Not that I was very concerned about it – at some point you know what you are worth – but it was annoying that I was constantly pointed out. It’s a shame anyway when women with a bad feeling are saddled when they thicken. ”

There is therefore very little physical complaints this time, says Poppe. “I have some back pain and I am often tired, but that is normal. Often I am already asleep at ten o’clock, so for me that curfew in the province of Antwerp is not so bad. ” (laughs)


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