Pompeo: “$ 10 million reward for information about election interference”


Any information “that could lead to the identification or localization of individuals who attempt to influence the US election under orders from or under the control of a foreign government” could earn a reward of up to $ 10 million, Pompeo said in a news conference.

Democrats in the United States House of Representatives expressed concerns about a foreign campaign last month. It would target Congress to disseminate false information with the aim of influencing the November 3 presidential election. That concern was also passed on to Christopher Wray, the chief of the federal police. Paul Nakasone, the director general of the National Security Agency (NSA), said at the time that the US is ready to respond to any possible cyber-attacks in the election.

Pompeo will travel to Europe next week for a short tour through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria. US President Donald Trump announced last month that the US is withdrawing thousands of soldiers stationed in Germany. Some of these soldiers are now stationed in Poland.


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