Poll: Some seats are worth a party led by Gadi Izenkot


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In recent weeks, the name of former chief of staff Gadi Izenkot has surfaced as someone who might enter the political arena and run for a new party, although he has not yet commented on the issue or hinted that he intends to enter political life.

Izenkot joins a long list of former chiefs of staff who have entered politics in recent years: Moshe Boogie Ya’alon, Bnei Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi, who are currently serving as kosher and Knesset members.

Chief of Staff Gadi Izenkot in the military exercise (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

So how many seats is a party headed by Izenkot worth?

A survey conducted by the ‘Sample’ Institute, headed by Mano Geva, and published in the “Meet the Press” program on Keshet 12, examined the public’s position regarding voting for the party headed by Izenkot. According to the survey, 37% answered that they are sure not to vote for him, 25% answered that they think they will not vote for him, 12% answered that they are thinking of voting for him and 2% answered that they are sure to vote for him.

According to a report by News 12 commentator Dafna Liel, this is a potential voter of about 16 seats.

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Another question asked of the respondents is: If the unity government disintegrates, who do you think is to blame if elections are held? 37% answered that Netanyahu is guilty, 33% answered that both are equally guilty and 13% answered that the blame will be on Bnei Gantz.

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