Poll: Netanyahu recovers; Bennett doubles his power


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(Photo: Mark Israel Salem / Flash 90)

A new poll by the Direct Falls Institute presents a picture of the recovery of the Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu after a long period in which he lost seats to the right led by Naftali Bennett.

Since the beginning of the second wave, all polls have shown a weakening trend of the Likud, with Netanyahu receiving 31 seats in some of the polls, compared with polls that gave him 41 seats a few months ago.

“Israel does not need elections. It needs a budget,” Netanyahu of the Likud faction (credit: Knesset channel)

Now, as mentioned, there is a recovery trend with the Likud close to the number of seats it received in the last election.

According to the survey, if the elections had taken place today, the map for the distribution of seats would have looked like this: Likud 35. Yesh Atid-TLM 18. Joint list 16. Right 12. Shas 10. Blue and white 9. Yisrael Beiteinu 8. Torah Judaism March 7.

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The Jewish home, bridge, labor and Derech Eretz do not pass the blocking percentage.

According to the division into blocs: The right-wing bloc – 64 seats. Left Bloc-48. Yisrael Beiteinu – 8 seats.

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