Police sweep ‘too busy’ beach Bloemendaal clean | Inland


Due to the great crowds, the police proceeded to enforcement in consultation with the municipality and the Kennemerland Safety Region. Dozens of beachgoers were asked to leave the beach and go home. According to the police, it remained quiet.

Summer crowds are also expected at the coastal towns on Sunday. Places like Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, Katwijk and The Hague are preparing for a busy Sunday. The temperature is once again rising to great heights and thousands of people may be sending to the beach to cool off.

It was very busy in Bloemendaal on the beach.

It was very busy in Bloemendaal on the beach.


On Saturday, traffic on the roads to the coast had also stalled. In The Hague there were some riots against traffic controllers in the heat. All parking spaces at Katwijk, Noordwijk, Monster and other places on the beach were full. It was also very busy in Castricum, Rockanje and along the Zeeland coast. In Amsterdam, near Reeuwijk and Vinkeveen, people sought out the coolness of lakes and rivers.

On Sunday we will have to deal with an official heat wave. A heat wave is when it reaches 25 degrees or more in De Bilt for at least five days in a row. In addition, it must be three times tropically warm with maximums of 30 degrees or more. In the south of our country a temperature of 25 degrees can already be measured on Sunday morning. It is also expected to be the hottest August 9 ever measured, according to Weeronline.


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