Police search the Zutphen district after five fires in a row


In one of the fires, on Jo Spierlaan, the unsuspecting residents and their two children were awakened by the emergency services. They were able to get to safety through the back door in time. At the front door, a paper container against the facade was on fire, spilling over into a bicycle crate on a bicycle.

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That fire was the fourth in the series, which started at 5:50 am with a burning engine in the Fie Carelstraat. While the fire brigade was still busy extinguishing, a shed on Lomeijerplein followed after 6:00 am that went up in flames. There the fire raged in several places at once and a tree also caught fire.

Around the corner

Almost simultaneously and just around the corner in Lulofstraat, a paper container caught fire, which stood against the facade of a shed. Finally, the fire at the house in Jo Spierlaan was discovered at 6.10 am.

After extinguishing the last fire, the fire brigade waited for a while on the edge of the neighborhood with four vehicles. The police monitor the entrances and exits of the district.

The police speak of a fifth fire between 05.50 and 07.00 and are looking for witnesses, but have no report. Agents secure camera images and conduct further forensic investigations on Sunday.

Burglary attempt at fire brigade

Meanwhile, there was also an attempted burglary at the fire station in Zutphen from Saturday to Sunday night, the fire brigade and the police confirm. People have been in the enclosed area, but have not entered the barracks.

The barracks are always manned. Camera images must show whether the burglary attempt was during a turnout, or while the firefighters were asleep. The attempted burglary was early in the night, the fires in the early morning. Whether there is a connection is not clear.


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