Police get hundreds of tips on gray Mazda in Tamar case Inland


“A breakthrough is a big word, but it may be a step closer to a breakthrough,” said police spokesman Wendy Boudewijn earlier about the camera footage released in the fatal accident investigation. The images show how on July 25, a (dark) gray Mazda 3 leaves the central car park Kruisbaakweg in Marken at 5.30 am and enters the village.

The two occupants of the Mazda arrived at this place around 03.10 and probably stayed in the car for hours. “It is striking that they inspect the front of the car in daylight,” says Boudewijn: “And that also applies to the time they arrive, which corresponds to the fact that we found her a little later.”

Front of vehicle inspected

The car arrived in the parking lot just over two hours after Tamar walked away from home. Only at 5:30 am, an hour and a half after Tamar was found lifeless by the police along the Waterlandse Zeedijk, it can be seen that the passengers get out of the car and inspect the front. Then they drive into the village.

The runaway Tamar was hit and left helpless by the driver.

White number plates

The wanted car has white number plates: “White number plates are used in many countries, including Germany and Eastern Europe. In some cases, Dutch license plates are also white, ”said the police. According to the National Road Traffic Agency (RDW), white plates are used in the Netherlands for trailers and appendages such as bicycle carriers.

The spokesman: “Because we do not exclude anything, we indicate that there are also white license plates in the Netherlands. We have to be very careful about that. The men look at the front of the car for about half a minute before driving further into Marken. We also have images of them arriving in the parking lot but they have not been released because they are too unclear. We would very much like to speak to both persons and hope that they report. This also applies to people they know. ”

The images do not show whether the car is damaged: “They are also exactly in front of a hedge. We hope there are people who recognize the combination of these two people and the car. Perhaps the people themselves see the images and think: “that’s us, we call the police because we have nothing to do with it anyway.”

Markers with surveillance cameras

The police investigation now focuses in particular on the fact that the car driving into the village: “We hope that Markers will use surveillance cameras to view the images from half past five in the morning. Maybe the Mazda can be seen on it. That is crucial information for us. Someone on the street may also have seen the car. ”

Objects found in roadside

The police also announced on Wednesday that a number of objects were found in the shoulder of the Waterlandse Zeedijk, of which the investigation team currently does not know what they are. It concerns a black cap, a piece of plastic with a green stripe and a piece of plastic with a red stripe.

14-year-old Tamar was buried in her hometown last Saturday with great interest.


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