Police check: A soldier photographed himself stepping on a weapon while traveling in Eilat


The police opened an investigation today (Sunday) following a video in which a vehicle was seen traveling around the city of Eilat and in which a man was holding an M-16 weapon and stepping on it several times. The weapon belonged to an IDF soldier, his details were transferred to the IDF.

A video circulated on social media shows the occupants of a vehicle traveling around the city of Eilat, near hotels, in an M-16 weapon, one of the occupants holding a weapon loaded with a cartridge and stepping on it several times.

As soon as the video was received, the police opened an investigation, and the vehicle seen in the video was detained in the Dimona station area, with two suspects without the weapon. Preliminary investigation shows that the weapon in the video belongs to an IDF soldier serving in the Eilat sector. The soldier’s identity details were handed over to the military police for further investigation.


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