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Kerekewere is a podcast series in which Brecht Castel searches for the story of his father, who passed away 21 years ago.

Bart Castel was a passionate computer scientist, but struggled with psychological difficulties all his life. Brecht was eight when his father died and is now a journalist researching the impact of suicide. For this four-part podcast series, he delved into the diaries and letters and spoke with four key figures. Brecht interweaves his memories with the newly acquired insights and thus gets a clear picture of who his father was.

In episode 1 you hear the story of Yvo. He was Bart’s comrade in the computer club. Both mainly shared their love for computers and the – then almost unprecedented – internet. But here and there Bart also gave Yvo an insight into his struggle with life. “Bart, he was a very good computer friend, and a very big loss when we lost him in our computer community. A loss of order in fact almost as I lost my father and my mother. ‘

Do you want to listen to all episodes of the podcast right away? This is possible in the De Standaard news app.

Anyone with questions about suicide can contact the Suicide Line on toll-free number 1813 and on the website www.zelfmoord1813.be.


Research and interviews Brecht Castel | Story Production Annelies Vanderoost | Final editing Nele Eeckhout | Audio recordings Miguel de Oliveira e Silva, Fien Dillen, Joris Van Damme and Brecht Plasschaert | Audio production Brecht Plasschaert | Vote letter and diary excerpts Valentijn Dhaenens and Siona Houthuys | Stem intro in another Nele Eeckhout| Music Dieter and Stijn Castel, in collaboration with Brecht Plasschaert | Thanks to Fund Pascal Decroos and Wouter Van Driessche


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About this podcast

In August DS Audio will release the four-part podcast Kerekewere, in which Brecht Castel goes in search of the story of his father, who died 21 years ago. From August 7, you can listen to a new episode every Friday. Would you like to listen to all episodes right away? This is possible in the De Standaard news app. From September DS Audio will resume its daily podcasts.


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