PM’s Prime Minister for Young Cancer: “Fight to the End and Don’t Give Up” Here in the south


Netanyahu visited the children’s home of the “Rachashi Lev” organization in Ashdod and met Hila Shamai – 14 years old who is fighting cancer

Posted on: 4.8.20 17:25

By: Here South

In these turbulent days, with high public criticism of the government’s continued conduct, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Corona Control Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital last Sunday. During the visit, the Prime Minister also visited the boy’s home in the hospital operated by the Rachashi Lev Ashdod Association. There he met Hila Shamai, a 14-year-old girl who was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago and is currently living with her older brother in the children’s home of the Rachashi Lev organization.

During the visit, Hila provided the Prime Minister with a photo of herself, which was taken while she was shaving her head with the start of chemotherapy treatments, and on which she wrote a dedication. Hila also shared with the Prime Minister that she began writing a book with messages and insights as a result of her dealing with the disease, which aims to strengthen and empower more children dealing with it.

During the visit, the Prime Minister told Hila that the secret to victory is “to fight to the end and not give up, optimism, courage and faith.” – “It’s exciting that the Prime Minister has found the time and give love and power.” Gesheid also noted and praised the volunteerism of the Prime Minister’s wife, who has been volunteering for the association for over 20 years.


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