PM: Judaism – an important tier in my life


a a A The Prime Minister of Belgium, Sophie Wilmes, says in an interview with the local media that the fact that she was born to a Jewish mother – is an important element in her life.

According to her, being Jewish is part of the many elements that make up her identity, but she added that it is not the only element.

Wilms, is the first woman and Jew to be elected to this position. Prior to her election as prime minister, Wilmes served as the caretaker Prime Minister until a permanent government was elected.

The Prime Minister was born to Brandt Grange, from a family of Holocaust survivors. Today, she manages to lead the government – only thanks to the corona virus.

With the outbreak of the virus, opposition parties agreed to hand over special powers to the transitional government, to deal with the outbreak of the virus and deal with its impact on Belgium’s health and economic system. The transitional government became a permanent government in Wilmes’ hands.


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