Plooij sees opportunity Verstappen: “If he takes that risk, it can get exciting”


After what happened with the tires at Mercedes last Sunday, there may still be opportunities for Max Verstappen this weekend. Now that temperatures are rising and tires with even softer tires are driving, Verstappen may still be able to win via a risky strategy. This is what pit reporter Jack Plooij says.

Although Mercedes looked very strong again at Silverstone last Sunday, they also had to deal with two flat tires. It caused Valtteri Bottas to get out of the points and Lewis Hamilton suddenly had to do everything in his power to keep Verstappen behind him. The second Grand Prix of Great Britain is scheduled for next Sunday and Mercedes was the absolute top favorite for this race, but is that still the case today? Temperatures are going up and softer tires are being used than last weekend. Both factors seem to be at a disadvantage of the Silver arrows, Plooij also knows.

Last Sunday it became clear that a one-stopper is quite risky at Silverstone, but this risk will be further increased next weekend. Pirelli takes softer compounds than during the first race. That means the tires will wear even faster and a one-stopper carries even more risks of a flat tire. Yet this is what Plooij advises Red Bull. “Next week we will have even softer tires and they will have to make two pit stops. But Verstappen would then have to gamble on one pit stop, which saves him 28 to 30 seconds. Then it will still be exciting”, the pit reporter tells in conversation with

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Red Bull will take a huge gamble with the tires should they go for a one-stop strategy. One advantage is that Verstappen is known for being able to handle tires better than the competition. “But for the same money, Lewis will get another blowout next week and Max will take the victory. That could just happen,” Plooij certainly sees several opportunities for Verstappen in Great Britain.


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