“Please Do Not Shoot Me”: New Documentation from George Floyd Arrest – World News


ציור קיר לזכר פלויד

A mural in memory of FloydReuters

The British Daily Mail has released exclusive documentation from the body cameras of police officers accused of murdering George Floyd in the United States.

The video shows the officer aiming a gun at Floyd’s face begging for his life: “Do not shoot me, sir, please.”

Later the cops take over Floyd and one of them presses his knee to his neck until he stops breathing.

“I’m not that type, please do not put me in the car. Just let me talk to you,” Floyd asked.

The cops put Floyd in the car by force but he fell onto the road and then the cops decided to take control of him in such a way that he could not move. Officer Derek Shaubin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck which he repeatedly begs repeatedly that he “can not breathe.”


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