Pleasant until Thursday, the rain may return


Meteo-tech forecaster at the Ynet studio

(Photo: Shahar Goldstein)

After the morning (Sunday) rain surprised at the height of the summer, it is expected to return in the coming days, and there is a possibility of light local rain in the north and center of the country until Wednesday. The evening and night will be partly cloudy with significant relief from the heat load.

Rain in HaifaRain in Haifa

The rain in Haifa, this morning

(Photo: Udi buch )

In mid-summer it rains in the northIn mid-summer it rains in the north

In mid-summer it rained in the north

(Photo: Omri Selner)

Meteo-Tech forecaster Nahum Malik explained to Ynet this morning that after a few difficult days with high humidity and oppressive weather – slightly cooler air from the Turkey area penetrated the upper layers of our area and caused the clouds to develop upwards, so that they could drop “Rain. These are not ordinary summer clouds we know.”

Malik noted that there may be light local rain tonight and tomorrow morning, though possibly more significantly than we see today. “Tonight could be rain and tomorrow more significant. It’s not heavy rain, but still – such summer rains are not something we are used to. They could drop a few millimeters, especially in the north.”

Malik added that more favorable weather is expected in the coming days. “If in the last few days we were used to 70-65 percent humidity, in the afternoon the humidity will drop to 55% and that makes it easier for us. In the mountain area the temperatures dropped from 30 to 26 and 27.”

He noted that bathing in the Mediterranean would be dangerous in the coming days. “The waves are very high and dangerous,” he said. He added that “towards the end of the week we are again on an upward trend with normal heat loads for August.”

Predicted temperatures tonight and tomorrow: Kiryat Shmona 32-22, Katzrin 29-19, Safed 26-18, Tiberias 34-23, Nazareth 29-21, Haifa 30-26, Tel Aviv 30-26, Jerusalem 27-19, Ashkelon 30-26, Ein Gedi 39 -28, Beer Sheva 32-23, Arad 30-20, Mitzpe Ramon 28-19 and Eilat 39-28.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be partly cloudy and partly cloudy. Temperatures and heat loads will be below average for the season, and there may be a drizzle to light local rain in the north and center of the country. Tuesday will be partly cloudy, and temperatures and heat loads will continue to be below average for the season. It may still drip to light local rain in the north and center of the country.

Even on Wednesday it may still be drizzle in the north in the morning, but there will be a slight rise in temperatures during the heat loads. On Thursday, towards the end of the week, there will be another slight increase in temperatures and heat loads – which will be normal for the season.


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