‘PlayStation 5 will sell better than Xbox Series X’


Who will soon take the lead with the sales, the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X? This is what will happen according to analysts.

They both come on the market during the same period and are very well matched. Actually, you cannot designate a winner, because it simply comes down to personal taste. For example, do the exclusive games from PlayStation or Xbox appeal to you more? Based on that, the choice can already be made. For Gran Turismo you have to go to PlayStation, for example, while Xbox has a powerful exclusive title like Halo.

It will be exciting next year when both companies come up with the first sales figures. In conversation with Wccftech, analysts give DFC Intelligence a preview of what we can expect. According to them, the PlayStation 5 will initially sell better than the Xbox Series X. Sony’s brand value would simply be stronger than that of the Xbox. Sony also has a huge fan base in its home country Japan, who will soon prefer the PS5 over the Xbox Series X.

That does not mean that Xbox always has to lag behind. The analysts think the Xbox Series X could beat the PlayStation 5 in sales in the long run. It will undoubtedly be an exciting neck-and-neck race for both consoles.


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