PlayStation 5 has built-in tools for streamers to remove wallpapers


The PlayStation 5 is still planned for the end of this year and Sony also announced the accompanying accessories some time ago. We now know that the Pulse Headset will also work on the PS4 and that you can also purchase a Media Remote and the special PS5 HD camera. In the description of the camera, some new details of the PlayStation 5 have now surfaced.

For example, the description shows that the next-gen console will have built-in tools for streamers and content creators. With these tools you can remove backgrounds and combine multiple videos. For example, a tool is specifically mentioned with which you can crop the background or make it disappear completely by means of a green screen. The PS5 camera would thus work seamlessly with these functions.

With the PS4, the Share Play button was already introduced and Sony is therefore extensively further to please streamers and content creators even more.

Background removal tools

Take center stage in your productions using the PlayStation®5 console’s built-in background removal tools. With the HD camera, you can add yourself to your gameplay videos while broadcasting1 in picture-in-picture mode, with the ability to crop the background or lose it completely with a green screen.


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