PlayStation 5 continues with exclusives, fans angry


Game developers restless, but fans critical of Spider-man exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Sony is of course trying in every way to push sales of PlayStation 5 as far as possible. In addition to all kinds of actions for the console itself, Sony also puts a lot of effort into everything that fits the console. One of those possibilities is seen in exclusive content. By exclusively binding as many popular games and brands as possible, they hope to get the potential customer to the PlayStation 5.

Spider-man als PlayStation 5 exclusive

A recent example is Marvel’s Avangers, where Spider-man will be launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. It is intended that PS5 players will also be able to apply the techniques of providing the superheroes with their own weapons and shields to Spider-Man, provided they are playing PlayStation 5. The other Marvel action heroes are not exclusively reserved for Sony, according to the report.

Sony continues to hunt for PlayStation 5 exclusives

Sony is serious when it comes to exclusives. For example, they have bought into producer Epic Games and it is rumored that they make huge offers to every influential independent design studio to close exclusive deals with PS5. The compensation offered is so great that, according to the same rumors, Xbox dropped out of this strategy because they could not / did not want to go that far financially. The new branding ‘PlayStation Studio’ also envisages a different approach to this market.

Action is going too far for fans

So Sony is quite explicitly committed to exclusive deals for their platform. That keeps the team behind Xbox Series X sharp, so they also go after exclusive content. The fans are not all happy with these developments. After all, the more exclusives each party has, the greater the temptation to take out multiple subscriptions. They are therefore strongly opposed to this trend.

Despite all the commotion, the exclusive Super-Man version can be viewed and played on PS 4 from September 4.

Image: PlayStation


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