Player of the Season in Italy: Paolo Dybala


He had a few of these. Watch Dybala’s slalom in the derby (Courtesy of ONE)

Cristiano Ronaldo has shown this season that even at 35 he is simply unstoppable. The Juventus Portuguese starred with 31 league goals and led the old lady to his ninth consecutive championship and second in the zebra uniform.

Return of the Mask: Paulo Dybala in top form

But … in Serie A they decided it was still not enough to get the title of player of the season, and gave it to his attacking partner Paulo Dybala. The 26-year-old Argentine returned to show the ability they were used to seeing from him in Turin after last season had a hard time expressing himself and there was even talk of a possible departure for him.

Photo: AFPWas the league confused? Cristiano Ronaldo and Paolo Dybala (Photo: AFP)

Dybala’s ability has mostly improved back to back in the Corona, having been in charge round after round after round of crazy goals, each a possible candidate for the title of goal of the season. The Yuva star eventually finished with 11 goals and six assists in 33 league appearances.

It is not clear what Ronaldo thinks about this choice, and he will probably bless his friend, but it seems that the league leaders have also understood that there will be criticism, so Serie A general manager Luigi de Cierbo explained the choice of Dybala.

“The selection was based on the official statistics of the league, which depends on the exact criteria by which we operate,” said De Cierbo. “We managed to finish the season thanks to great determination, and overcame many difficulties along the way. It was an unforgettable year, with a concomitantly short finish, but the players managed to showcase their talent in all of these games, illuminating our league with great performances. Thank you all for the professionalism. , Their commitment and sacrifice. “

Photo: AFPLook surprised. Immobilized (Photo: AFP)

The rest of the selection was more or less predictable, when Chiro Immobilia, a Lazio striker, who finished with 36 league goals and also won the European Golden Shoe title, received the pioneer award this season. Diane Kolosevsky from Parma is the outstanding young player. In the season, Alejandro Gomes from Atlanta, Stefan de Frey (Inter) won the defensive player and Wojciech Szczesny won the outstanding goalkeeper.


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