Play-in or Play-out: Money Time in the West


(getty) | Photo: Sports 5

The biggest night of the regular season has arrived, with four fateful games to determine who will be the two teams to play in the “play-in” tournament, on the final ticket to the playoffs. Lillard is in top form, the biggest game of Morning’s career, a matriculation exam for Jean Morant and San Antonio’s historic streak in real danger. It’s on the tip of the fork, what awaits us tonight starting at 11pm. But first, let’s understand the state of the table.

8. Portland Trail-Blazers (39:34, 0.466% Success)

9. Memphis Grizzlies (39:33, 0.458% success, half game behind 8th place)

10. Phoenix Suns (39:33, 0.458% success, half a game behind 8th place)

11. San Antonio Spurs (38:32, 0.457% success, half game behind 8th place)


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