‘Plate in Marquez’s upper arm broke when opening a window’


The titanium plate in the injured right upper arm of Marc Marquez was broken when the Repsol Honda Team driver wanted to open a window at home in Cervera. Honda boss Alberto Puig announced this news on Thursday in the absence of his pupil next weekend in Brno because of his second operation last Monday in Barcelona.

The story is well known by now, Marc Marquez who will be absent this weekend in Brno because of his right upper arm injury. But the reason for a second necessary operation last Monday has remained a big question for many to date. Yes, of course, it was known that the titanium insert applied during the first operation was broken. However, the reason for the break has been kept silent until now.

The stories have not been out of the blue for the past few days, for example, the break was often associated with the rapid return of the reigning MotoGP world champion on his Honda RC213V and many days after the first operation he wanted to participate again in the Gran Premio Red Bull de Andalucia. The images that Marquez posted on social media of his training sessions at home in preparation for the Grand Prix to be raced on the Brno circuit this weekend, caused sufficient speculation.

Repsol Honda Team boss Alberto Puig gave more clarity to the Spanish media and motogp.com on Thursday about the incident and the reason for the second necessary operation last Monday.

Alberto Puig: “Marc had a second operation on his upper arm on Monday as a result of the crash in Jerez. This is right, that is no secret. The reason for this second operation came to light when Marc wanted to open a window at home and he was suddenly in a lot of pain. Not much later it became clear that the titanium plate in his upper arm had been broken. This was the result of all the stress the arm had to endure, we went to Jerez with the conviction that he could do it and it was responsible. The doctors gave him the green light, but we were not informed as Honda that there would be a chance that the picture could break. If we had known this in advance, we would of course not have given him permission to try it again in Jerez as a Honda. The positive thing is that it happened at home and not on a motorcycle in Brno or Austria, for example. The consequences would have been enormous if, for example, he had crashed again. We are now closely monitoring developments around the injury. In the near future, more will become clear about the length of the recovery and when Marc will be able to race again. ”

Puig disagrees with the many stories and assumptions circulating that Marquez would have taken too much risk by getting back on the bike a few days after the first surgery in Jerez. Now that this has gone wrong, the chances of a possible ninth world title suddenly seem very far away for the Spaniard

Alberto Puig: “Motorsport is a risky sport, and what has happened now did not happen on the track, but at Marc’s home. I do not agree with all those stories. It is true that after surgery there is more stress and pressure on the fracture if you do something. Marc is a sportsman and a sportsman is paid to perform, which is exactly what Marc wanted to try. Yes, it is true that he is now further away from home, but again it happened at his home and not on the track. It is also true that his title chances have become a lot smaller now that he will not be there next weekend. However, you cannot do anything exclusively in sports, although it has now become a lot more difficult. The other drivers are now more likely, including boys who normally would not have a chance. Of course it will be a difficult story, which I and nobody in Honda will deny. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Normally Marquez wins. Now, as I said before, it is becoming an increasingly difficult story. ”

In the championship standings, Fabio Quartararo takes the lead after two races with 50 World Cup points scored for Maverick Viñales with 40 points scored and Andrea Dovizioso with 26 points. After two races, Marquez has not yet managed to score any points, now that it is known that he will not be there again this weekend, there is a big chance that his backlog of now 50 points will only increase.

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