Pirelli full of praise for Verstappen and Red Bull: “Strategy judged perfectly”


Tire manufacturer Pirelli is impressed by the strategy that Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen have chosen for the second Grand Prix in Great Britain. The teams had a new challenge in the form of softer tires and Red Bull knew best how to deal with this, according to director Mario Isola.

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Many a Formula 1 fan must have been surprised: the tires of Hamilton and Bottas almost seemed to crumble during the race, while Verstappen drove to the finish in an apparently relaxed manner. Tire manufacturer Pirelli opted for a softer compound for the second weekend at Silverstone. What were the medium tires last week, this week were the hard tires. Mario Isola, director of motorsport at Pirelli, says in an evaluation on the site that the Austrian team understood the new tires best.

“This weekend was all about strategy, Max Verstappen and Red Bull have judged it to perfection,” says Isola full of praise. According to the CEO, the seed for the victory was already planted on Saturday, when Verstappen managed to reach Q2 on the hard tire. “His strategy started on Saturday afternoon, with the courageous decision to ride the hard tire in Q2 and thus start the race on that compound. That clearly paid off.”

During the race, according to Isola, it mainly came down to one quality that Verstappen had perfected. “Mercedes was over a second faster in qualifying, but the day after there was nothing to see. Tire management was an integral part of the tactics today. Viewers are treated to an exciting and unpredictable race,” concluded Isola.


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