Pieter Gerkens close to three years in Antwerp, Rodrigues dir …


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Antwerp is about to acquire its sixth summer acquisition. After Beiranvand, Butez, Boya, Verstraete and De Pauw, Pieter Gerkens is on his way to the Bosuil.

The 24-year-old midfielder basically signs a three-year contract and is then reunited with Ivan Leko, who he already had as a trainer at STVV. In 2017 they reached the final of Play-off 2 together, in which Gerkens hit eight times in ten matches. He then moved from STVV to Anderlecht, where he played 85 duels and scored eleven times, but he disappeared from view last season partly due to injuries. He was eager to take on a new challenge and of all the offers, Antwerp was the most interesting. Gerkens is very welcome for the Great Old, which Coopman and De Sart saw out for a long time. Also to get enough qualitative Belgians. If everything goes well, he can already be medically examined today.

Leko and Gerkens in 2017 at STVV. — ©  JEFFREY GAENS

Of course there is still something going to happen outgoing at Antwerp. The entourage of Ivo Rodrigues (25) is already looking for a solution, because things are not looking good for the Portuguese winger. After he played a lot in preparation, he was passed by Leko in the cup final. Lamkel Zé played in his place and that arrived. Rodrigues showed his displeasure afterwards and against Mouscron he was no longer even in the core. He is now looking at his (transfer) options and that, according to the club – in addition to “minor knee discomfort” – is the reason why he no longer trained with the group in recent days, but follows a separate program. Will the situation be resolved or will he leave after three seasons? His contract will expire in June anyway.

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