Philipsen: “We are not monkeys in a circus, something has to change” | Tour of Poland


The incident between Dylan Groenewegen and Fabio Jakobsen is still lingering in the peloton in Poland. Jasper Philipsen slid across the finish line in the massive crash. “Hopefully we can learn lessons from this.”

The damage was not too bad for Jasper Philipsen, he got rid of it with some abrasions. Dylan Groenewegen (collarbone fracture) and especially Fabio Jakobsen (artificial coma) cannot say that. “It all went so fast. Only when you see the images afterwards do you realize what happened”, Philipsen tells Sporza.

“It can be difficult for me that someone would do something like this on purpose, that seems inhumane to me. Although that does not mean that there is an occasional elbow or deviation from the line. The consequences are now just enormous.”

“That arrival in Poland has been here for years, something needs to be changed. We are not monkeys in a circus. Hopefully we can learn lessons from this, you can not do more. Everyone likes to do this sport, let us do it as safely as possible. ”

Will Philipsen continue to throw himself into the sprints in Poland in the coming days? “At the moment I’m not really looking forward to it. But if there is a race in the peloton again, it might be business as usual again.”

At the moment I don’t feel like sprinting.

Jasper Philipsen

Hendrik Redant: “Suspend at least until the end of the year”

Hendrik Redant is a team leader at NTT in Poland. What is his interpretation of the sprint? “Groenewegen clearly closed the door. Sprinters always do that, but here it was extreme. This cannot be justified.”

He also criticizes the downhill sprint in Katowice. “Our Polish mechanic told me that they said in the morning: maybe the speed record will be broken today. That sensationalism is very bad. While you had a perfect finish a kilometer earlier.”

Redant also asks questions about the crush barriers, which collapsed completely. “I saw the video of the sprint with Sagan and Cavendish in the Tour. That was bad, but because the nadar did not fold, Cavendish simply fell.”

What punishment does Redant expect? “I hope that Groenewegen will be suspended at least until the end of the year. To set an example. I think the UCI is also ready to act hard.”

In the morning they said: maybe the speed record will be broken today.

Hendrik Redant about the dangerous sprint

Lapage: “UCI must look into its own bosom”

Lorenzo Lapage, team leader at Mitchelton-Scott, is a bit milder for Groenewegen. “That boy certainly isn’t doing that on purpose. If the tables had been reversed, Jacobsen might have reacted the same.”

“When it comes to sanctions, I think that the UCI should first look into its own bosom. Now it is easy to say: we tackle this rider. But a rider is in his bubble during such a sprint, sometimes you do something wrong. We have to protect him in case something happens. ”


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