Philips Hue Giant Filament and smaller E14 Luster P45 lamp on the way


Last week we already wrote about new Hue Lightstrips in multiple sizes and a brighter Iris lamp. These products will be released sometime in the coming months, but Philips Hue has even more planned. The German websites Hueblog and Smartlights both share new information about the leaked products, which are probably planned for September.

Philips Hue Giant Filament on its way

Filament lamps are models where you can look through the glass and see the filament filament of the lamp. These so-called retro lamps may therefore be seen and are often placed in glass fixtures or in a loose fitting. The filament lamps come in three versions, each with its own shape. The Globe and Edison both come in a Giant version.

The Giant Globe has a size of 125 by 198 millimeters. This is 30 millimeters wider and 50 millimeters higher than the current version. The Giant Edition measures 72 by 171 millimeters, instead of 60 by 135 millimeters now. The only difference with current filament lamps is the size, because nothing has changed in the technical specifications. These lamps should be available from September 25, 2020, for a suggested retail price of € 39.95 each.

Philips Hue White Luster E14 in drop shape

Hue has had the E14 bulb in its range for a number of years. This Luster lamp has a small E14 fitting and is therefore suitable for more compact fixtures. This lamp always had a candle shape, so it is not suitable in everything. This autumn, another E14 bulb will be added. This lamp has the dimensions of a P45 lamp and is therefore more suitable for small desk lamps and other similar fixtures.

Philips Hue E14 Luster lamp P45.

The lamp is only 77 millimeters high and 45 millimeters wide. According to the leaked information, it has a light intensity of 470 lumens. It is a white lamp, which can therefore only show one shade of white. There is currently no White Ambiance version and colored version on the way. The single lamp should be available for € 19.95, probably sometime in September.

Philips Hue E14 Luster lamp P45 in fixtures.

Incidentally, the existing White Ambiance and White & Color Ambiance candle lamp with E14 will also receive a small upgrade. The new model also gets Bluetooth, as was previously the case with the white version. Another update that is planned is that the Ensis pendant lamp will also be available in a black version.

All new products are expected in or around September. Usually Philips announces Hue during the IFA in Berlin. The IFA 2020 starts on September 3, but due to the corona virus, the event will only be held digitally for the public.


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