Philippe Clement disappointed: “match gives the feeling of a hold-up” – Voetbalnieuws


Club Brugge did not manage to win its first game of the season. It lost 0-1 at home to Charleroi thanks to a goal from Morioka. Trainer Philippe Clement was disappointed after the game.

According to Clement, this defeat is hard for the team. “We now lose twice in a row, but there was a big difference with the cup final. Everyone was mentally well in the game,” said the Club Brugge coach.

Clement felt like a hold-up. “Last season we also had a difficult time against Charleroi. Today we get more chances than last season, but the ball didn’t want to go in. Brandon Mechele played a good game, but as a central defender you pay for the mistakes in cash. this match the feeling of a hold-up. ”

Yet Clement remains competitive. “Losing twice leaves its mark, but our next game we just have to try to win. We will continue to work hard,” the coach explained at the press conference after the game.


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