Peter watched helplessly as the fire destroyed his restaurant De Candlemas: “Terrible”


Around one o’clock the fire broke out in the restaurant, right on the A28 near Nieuwleusen. Clouds of smoke could be seen in the surrounding area.

“The work of five generations has gone up in flames,” mourns owner Peter Huisman. “Terrible to see, unbelievable. In one fell swoop 125 years of work are lost.”

Concept in the region

The roadside restaurant is a household name in the region. Huisman’s parents ran the restaurant for more than 40 years. He took over two years ago.

Huisman: “We had just returned to the old level, after twelve weeks of closure. It went very well again. And then this. We are going to try to pick up something again as soon as possible. But how, that is of course still unclear. am glad no one was hurt. ”

How to proceed for Candlemas? “We will be thinking about that for the next 24 hours,” says Huisman. “Whether we are going to work with a unit. I’m not sure. But I already receive support from the neighborhood. It’s fantastic that you are helped by other entrepreneurs.”

Despite the enormous blow, Huisman also sounds militant. “It is terrible to walk around here like this. But we have no other choice, we should not run away from it. It is the way it is. We have to move on and we will do that. We will certainly be open again next year. And preferably sooner. ”

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Fright among staff

Huisman’s staff are also shocked to the fire. Dylan Brinkman is supposed to work at the restaurant today. A friend called him to tell him what was going on. “I am very shocked by what happened. I should have started at five today.”

“It was great working here,” says Dylan. “I always had fun with everyone, it was always busy. Truly an icon for the area. Especially for the truckers, they loved to eat with us.”

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