Peter Vandenbempt is of no use comments Marc Van Ranst: “I don’t understand” and “The football is targeted” – Football news


Virologist Marc Van Ranst did not agree with how the Antwerp players celebrated the cup win. Too short, so that social distanding was not respected.

Peter Vandenbempt, guest at Extra Time, did not understand Van Ranst’s criticism. “They can train together. They played football for 90 minutes. During such a match, the saliva flies around. They are all tested and healthy. They do it in a bigger bubble, but I don’t understand it. Why would you suddenly have to keep your distance after the game? ”

Van Ranst watched the game and expressed his dissatisfaction with the social distancing when celebrating the cup win. “A bubble from your household and 5 friends, they say. A barbecue in the garden can hold up to 10 people, they say. Keep a meter and a half away, they say. Some professions have different rules, and that is wrong, I say. ”

For Vandenbempt, football is again put in a bad light. “Football has a bad image, but it is targeted here. People don’t understand why they can’t sit together, but they can play football.”

“Those people also refuse to see football as an important economic industry. And that the Pro League is doing everything to let the games go through, which is the same as the catering industry is trying. I was also present at both games last weekend and “chapeau” to the Pro League and the Football Association for how they organized those two games. ”


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