Peter Croonen satisfied with final decision: “Broadly supported agreement” – Football news


President of the Pro League, Peter Croonen, has had a busy day. At the press conference after the decision, Croonen indicated that he was satisfied with the result.

“It was a long day. We started this morning with everyone still firmly in their own saddle. Few wanted to deviate from their beliefs. I am glad that we finally reached an agreement. It is a widely supported agreement”, says Croonen .

“The most important thing is that the ball can roll again. The decision of May 15 was well-considered. It is because Waasland-Beveren has gone to the end and that a format with 16 teams is no longer possible, that we are now starting a competition with 18 teams. ”

Croonen sees combative teams. “Today’s decision takes courage from the clubs. Within two years, three teams will be relegated and in the next two years there will be barely four clubs in the playoffs. That will be a sporting challenge, but that is also top sport. You have to play every year try to be as good as possible. ”

As chairman of the Pro League, Croonen has received wind in recent months. “There will be an audit of our operation. If that means that an independent chairman has to take the helm, then it is true. Whether I will still sit here is less important. Although I am not someone who will start walking from gets a little difficult.


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