Permitted for publication: 22-year-old Josiah was killed in a brawl in Rishon LeZion


The young man who was killed in a fight that broke out last night near the beach in Rishon Lezion is Josiah Bloom, a 22-year-old resident of the town of Ali in Samaria – this was allowed tonight (Saturday) for publication. One of the suspects arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident cooperated with the investigation team, who recounted the incident and was released under house arrest. The other suspects are being questioned and are expected to appear in the Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion tomorrow to discuss extending their detention. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m not connected to the incident,” said one of the suspects.

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“I was not on the boardwalk at all yesterday, I do not know why you arrested me,” another suspect vehemently denied during his interrogation. It should be noted that the same suspect slept today at 11:00 in the morning, so detectives from the Central Sq. Knocked on the door of his house and pulled him out of his bed.

The late Bloom left behind a couple of parents and three siblings. He was born and raised by my husband, completed military service in combat engineering as a lieutenant colonel and was released a year ago. He has been working abroad for a while and recently returned to Israel. His family praised him and said: “These days Josiah was about to enroll in construction engineering studies at Ariel University and was even about to start a renovation business with his friend. Was a guy with a good heart, very much loved by everyone, a loyal and dedicated friend, loved to help everyone. He had so many plans and dreams he wanted to fulfill. ”

The murder scene on Sunday morning

The violent incident began at 3 in the morning between Friday and Saturday: two groups of young people, one from Samaria and the other from the Shephelah, spent time at a club on the Rishon Lezion promenade. At some point an argument developed between the two gangs that soon turned into a violent brawl. Josiah was stabbed in all parts of his body, began to walk and collapsed shortly after.

MDA and police forces were soon called to the scene. MDA paramedics evacuated him to Ichilov Hospital in a critical condition, but there the doctors were forced to determine his death.

Central Squadron detectives who were called to the scene collected the security cameras that networked the entire area, and noticed a suspicious vehicle that fled the scene and broke through a checkpoint. She was released under house arrest.

The video from the security cameras resulted in the arrest of a total of 8 suspects – including 2 young women and one minor. The suspects – residents of Ness Ziona, Ramla and Lod – were arrested and taken for questioning. Police stressed that the investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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