Perez tackles ‘whine’ from Ajax: “With a VAR this is a red card”


Nicolás Tagliafico escaped a red card on Thursday evening in the practice match won by Ajax against FC Utrecht (5-1). That says Kenneth Perez. The Argentinian left back was tackled by Gyrano Kerk and then seemed to be kicking.

There was no VAR in the Johan Cruijff Arena. Fortunately for Tagliafico, said Perez. Referee Dennis Higler missed the incident. “Tagliafico has this often,” says Perez FOX Sports about the post-pedaling of Tagliafico. “He’s actually quite a whine for someone with his own tough game. I see him roll and act a lot …”

“You might say that’s the South American thing in him, but it’s not very nice. With a VAR, this is a red card,” said the Danish analyst. “It’s locked in his game. Now nobody talks about it, except us. With a VAR this would have been just red.”

Ajax defeated FC Utrecht 5-1 on Thursday evening by a hat trick in the first half by Zakaria Labyad. Tagliafico and Noa Lang made the other goals for the Amsterdam club. For the first time this season there were spectators in the Johan Cruijff Arena, about 2,800.


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