People with the CoronaMelder app can have themselves tested 7 days after notification NOW


People who use CoronaMelder and who receive a warning via the app that they have been at risk of an infection, can test themselves for the presence of the corona virus seven days after that point in the trial period, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced on Thursday press conference due to increasing number of infections.

The CoronaMelder app will be available on August 17 in the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). The app will be tested in the GGD regions of Twente and Drenthe in the first two weeks.

During that period, it will be investigated what it means in practice if people can have themselves tested a week after a report, even if they have no complaints. This trial was already announced by the Ministry of Health in mid-July. Experts consider testing after a warning from CoronaMelder to be critical to the potential usefulness of the app.

By introducing a test, people can more quickly determine whether or not they have contracted the coronavirus. As long as people are in uncertainty, they have to stay at home anyway. “We are looking into whether this can shorten the quarantine time,” said De Jonge about having it tested without complaints.

Test policy may be expanded even further

In addition to app users, the test policy may also be extended to people who come into the picture at the GGD if contact of a person who appears to be infected with the COVID-19 virus. They may also be able to have themselves tested without complaints in the future.

During the press conference, De Jonge announced that a so-called test street for travelers from risk areas will be built at Schiphol, and later at other airports. They can also have themselves tested voluntarily after landing, even without complaints.

Apart from the situation at Schiphol and the test regions of the corona app, the test policy remains unchanged for the time being. People can only turn to the GGD if they experience (mild) complaints, such as a cough, a cold or an elevated temperature.

CoronaMelder app available nationally on September 1

The CoronaMelder app should become available nationwide on September 1. In the run-up to that moment, the Ministry of Health will probably announce whether and for which people the testing policy will be extended from then on, so that they can also have themselves tested without complaints.

Initially, the GGD region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond would be part of the test with the corona app, but De Jonge instead mentioned the Drenthe region on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond says that the GGD has had to drop out because of the increasing number of infections in the region in recent times. The GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond is currently too busy to participate in the test period from mid-August.


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