People with and without disabilities on the road together


Circuit Sortie, the new campaign by De Genereuzen, Hart voor Handicap and the organization Inter, connects people with and without disabilities by sending them together to their favorite place.

The new surge of the coronavirus does not stop the initiators from launching the call: which spot do you miss the most? People with a disability tell on the website where they would love to go again. People without disabilities can sign up to join.

Circuit Sortie is therefore a recipe for more social contacts between people with and people without disabilities. The philosophy behind this is that doing things together, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusion.

There are already 91 spots on the website. 38 duos have already been matched.

Many places are special: people with disabilities like to go to an amusement park like Plopsaland or Efteling. Rather, other proposals are common: like everyone else, they want to go to the beach, the pool, to a forest, or stroll along a shopping street to look at beautiful things.

The calls therefore always come from people with disabilities. They are looking for allies who want to go out with them. As soon as everyone can leave their room again, the appointment can continue.

You can register on the website If the organizers believe there is a match, you can already meet via chat or telephone.


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