‘People act as if we are of no use in society’


#GeenDorHout is a trending topic on Twitter this weekend. The hashtag was started because many vulnerable people think that it is not being taken into account in connection with the corona virus. It is precisely people who belong to a risk group who participate in this hashtag, they want to get a face, they are young and old.

The hashtag saw the light of day when columnist Marianne Zwagerman made herself heard on Twitter at the start of the corona crisis. She believes that risk groups should not whine and just accept that death is part of life.


# geendorhout was created by 36-year-old Jacqueline Davis. She is chronically ill and fights against people who flout RIVM rules.

Jacqueline Davis: “I never expected to get so many responses to it. Me and my friends have been writing about people who think that at-risk groups should just let them die. There was a lot of reaction to this within our own group, but not at all outside of it, it was not picked up ”, says Jacqueline. “So I’m really happy that so many people are responding now, I’m really happy with it, it’s really heartwarming,” she smiles. Jacqueline was really blown away this morning that it went so quickly on social media. “I am very happy with the solidarity, it brings a lot.”

Do not adhere to corona measures

Jacqueline simply does not think it is possible that people do not comply with the RIVM measures. “The risk group is so anonymous and with this hashtag we give the vulnerable groups a face, the people who could die.” According to Jacqueline, it is not only columnist Marianne Zwagerman who makes these kinds of statements. “A lot of people do that and it just has to stop,” she says resolutely. “Even scientists write that the RIVM measures must be lifted, that was really the last straw for me. I’m really done with that. ”

With this warm weather, many people are back on track. The beaches and terraces are crowded with people in many places, and the meter and a half is not always respected. “I find it very painful to see all those crowded beaches, terraces and parks,” explains Jacqueline. Is it really that difficult to take it easy for 1 year? I think it’s very selfish. ”

‘Don’t write us off so quickly’

It hurts Jacqueline a lot when others write her off so quickly. “Many people, especially on social media, pretend that we are of no use to society. We also have a life, we also have the right to an existence. Even though we are sick, we have people who love us. We are important, regardless of how others see it. ”

“I have several conditions myself, I am chronically ill: I have Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and I have chronic bronchitis. I also suffer from the genetic disorder Cowdem. I actually live in isolation now. When I leave my house I actually only do that for the necessary hospital appointments. Sometimes I go to a park in the neighborhood, there is hardly ever anyone there. I don’t keep a distance of 1.5 meters, but at least 5 meters. But I don’t actually come out anymore. I am very afraid of the virus. ”


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